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Chapter 18 - Follow Your Inner Knowing

This is the Chapter that I consider to be the most important of all the chapters in this book. This is the chapter I invite you to read again. Read this chapter again, and you will begin to understand where a lot of this information in this book came from. Every thing else in this book is great at helping to shift your thinking, and get you being the person you need to be, to get what you want. This chapter will far surpass the rest of the book added together. But not in an intellectual understanding way, but an experiential, physical, real difference way. In your life type of way.

You will not get some great understanding or profound wisdom form this chapter. What you will get is great understandings and profound wisdom over and over again, from applying what is in this chapter. When you shift your being with this chapter, and express that new way of being, the world will come alive for you.

I want to share a little, hugely profound insight. It is in the form of a question and experience, most of us can relate to. You are going through life, and you figure out what you need to do. You weighed all the pros and cons, and you know what there is to do. You have done this with your mind. Thinking. Then, you are about to do what you decided to do. And you get this knowing or feeling, to do something else. Some people call this their intuition, or a gut feeling, which is different than emotions. But, you got this knowing that didn't seem to make any sense, based on the information you had. So, you decide to go with your original decision. Then, you look back, and what do you do? You wish you would have trusted your gut. You wish you would have followed your intuition.

You followed what made logical sense in your mind. And you wish you would have listened to that inner wisdom that told you otherwise. And in looking back, that inner wisdom was right. It would have been a better to do what your inner knowing said. Even though at the time, it didn't make any sense. Even though at the time, the inner knowing did not seem to be an appropriate choice.

How many times have you done this? How many times have you "hit yourself on your head" in not listening to this knowing? If you are like most, to many times to count. Or at least, often. You had a knowing to do something different. You didn't listen, and did what made sense with your mind. And then you looked back and regretted it.

This is not new, most people know this. They say it to themselves every time they do it. Why did I do that again? I knew better. And then, they do it again at some point in the future. The knowing of this has not really made a difference in the past.

Have you ever done this? It is the opposite scenario as above. How many times have you weighed all the pros and cons? Come up with a decision you thought was best. Got a knowing, intuition, or gut feeling and knew you should do something else. You then followed this inner knowing. And when you looked back you were so glad you did. You didn't know why at the time, but things turned out so much better. That knowing you got, was right. A couple times, multiple times? Maybe lots for some.

I have another question for you that most people never ask, or even consider. This question, when you remember the answer, will make a difference for you in who you are being. The answer will help you to actually listen to this inner knowing in situations like that.

The real question. The same scenario as above, with a different outcome. And I bet you have NEVER done this. How many times have you weighed the pros and cons? Come up with what decision you are going to do. Got a knowing of something different. You listened to that inner wisdom and followed it. You did what the inner wisdom guided you to do. But then you looked back, you wish you had not. You wish you would have listened to your mind. Have you ever done this? Have you ever, once in your life, done this? Listened to your inner knowing, your gut, over your mind, and regretted it? I bet you never have.

Now, this is really interesting. You have often listened to your mind, over your inner knowing, and regretted it. You have listened to your inner knowing, and were thankful you did. And you NEVER have listened to your inner wisdom, and regretted it. EVER. What do you want to do more of?

When I realized this, it became really easy for me to trust my inner wisdom, and do what it was telling me, even when it didn't make sense. It also actually got me in the habit of asking my inner knowing what to do. And listening to it more then just when it spoke up really loud.

I want to point out a difference here. There is a difference between emotions, and the inner knowing. Emotions are the things you feel. Like Sadness, Anger, Joy, happiness, grief, etc. They are things you feel. Pure feeling of an experience that can be described. These are emotions. The emotions happen in life as our response to our thoughts and experiences of life.

You can access this inner knowing yourself. No one can take it away from you. It is always there when you want it. When you ask your inner knowing, it makes life so incredibly easy. All those really tough decisions in life, gone. All the decisions you make are now Simple.

Imagine for a moment. Going through life. And you have to make a decision. A choice about what to do. In the past, this would have been a really difficult choice, and would have taken you tons of mental energy to think about it. The decision would have taken up days of your life to decide what to do. But now, this time, you make the choice within hours, and you know, it is the best choice. You trust in the choice, and are at ease with making it. Where as in the past, you would have been concerned, and thinking about the choice, even after you made it.

Imagine, all your choices in life being that easy. You would be calmer. You would have more time. You would be less stressed. Because all the tough decisions that need to be made, would no longer be tough. That is a glimpse of what is available for you out of this chapter.

In case you missed it, I call this your inner knowing. The knowing of what is best for you based on everything in the universe, not just the limited intellect.

I want to go back to something similar I asked you before. But a little differently. Of everything there is to know about everything that is happening, and will be happening, and could be happening on this planet, how much does any one individual know? Of everything there is to know, how much do you know? Less than 1% I would say.

Now imagine you were going to have your taxes done. And the accountant told you he knew less than 1% about the tax law, and your situation. What would you do? You would go somewhere else to get your taxes done. If you were going to go to someone for guidance in your life, and this person knew less than 1% about your situation, would you do what they told you to do?

Well my friends, that person is you. You just said, you know less than 1% of everything there is to know about what is going on in this world. Your conscious mind that is, knows less than 1% of what there is to know. Yet you rely on that limited knowledge to make your choices about life. You are going to someone for recommendations who knows less than 1% about the situation, and you are listening to their recommendations. That is what you are doing.

Up until now, it was your best option though. Up until now, following your mind and thoughts, and the limited knowledge of what it knew, was the best option. It was the best you knew how to do.

I am now giving you another option. A choice that you may not have known even existed before. That is the choice of listening to your inner knowing. This inner knowing is the knowledge you get from inside yourself. That comes from something greater than you. That comes from something that knows much more than just 1% about what is happening. This inner knowing knows 100% about what is happening.

The Psychologist, Dr. Carl Jung called this the Collective Unconscious. He described this as a pool of thought and ideas. Almost like, what one person knows, is put into this "collective unconscious". And that the subconscious mind has access to this information. That this collective unconscious is what the subconscious mind actually uses to help run the body.

I have referred to the inner knowing before. It is the knowing that comes through the heart brain. The Inner wisdom is similar to the subconscious mind, in that it knows everything there is to know about running the body and mind. It has access to the "perfect blueprint of health" if you will. This is the wisdom that created you from an egg and sperm. This inner knowing is also a connection to your Creator. It is one of the ways in which God can communicate with you.

This physiology behind this inner knowing is the heart brain center I referred to earlier. Joseph Chilton Pierce and his book, Biology of Transcendence does an amazing job of describing the anatomy and physiology of this inner knowing and how it evolved.

Some of you might be saying to yourself, what is this inner knowing he is talking about. I have not ever gotten a gut feeling, or really had an intuition. How can I get this? Or, how can I develop this inner knowing to be clearer, reliable, and trust it more? Here is how. The inner knowing is not an experience in response to the environment and our thoughts. It is something that happens before our thoughts and experiences. The inner knowing can "speak" to people in different ways.

One of the ways this inner knowing speaks to you is just like the knowing you get when you are full and know you should stop eating. Another way the inner knowing speaks to you is through symptoms. But you only get symptoms if you don't listen to your inner knowing earlier.

For me, the inner knowing is just that, a knowing. And there is a sensation that happens around my heart. I would not call it a feeling. It almost feels as if someone is holding my heart with their hand. And moves my heart in different ways. This different movement brings me my knowing of yes and no, and all the other shades of grey in between.

For others, it is their Gut feeling. They just know Everyone is a little different. And if you go through the steps below, you will know how your inner knowing communicates with you.

So are you ready. Here is one of those things you do. And like I asked and recommended, do this. Of all the things I have you do in this book, I feel this is the most important.

Focus on your heart. Right now, shift your awareness to your heart. Feel what your heart feels like right now. Bring your attention to a time when you felt the most love. When you felt the most open and free. The time that brought you the most joy. You got it? If not take a moment and remember that moment. Actually get present to that moment. When you have your attention on that moment, feel what your heart feels like right now. This is your inner knowing speaking to you. Your inner knowing getting your attention and saying yes.

Now, think about something else. Now, focus on your heart and feel what your heart feels like. This is your inner wisdom when it is saying no.

And that is how your inner knowing communicates with you. Don't worry if you are not 100% sure about the difference right now. The more you listen or even try to listen to your inner knowing, the stronger and clearer the response will be. Just like the more you use your muscles, the stronger they will be.

Your inner knowing can speak to you in more than a yes and no. It can speak full ideas and thoughts to you as well. Because of the direct connection your heart brain has with your brain.

All you have to do is focus on your heart center, ask, and the knowing of what to do will come. Now act. Act immediately. Do not hesitate. Follow and take action on what you your inner knowing says.

When I say ask, you can ask anything. Ask about a decision you have. Ask about what to do. You can ask about some new supplement or healing modality. Ask about anything. You can even ask about the things you wouldn't think there is anything to ask. Even one step further. Just let this inner knowing speak to you whenever it wants. Be open for what your inner knowing has to say. Earlier, when you were imaging that moment when you felt the most love, that is what the inner knowing will do when it wants to talk to you. Listen to what it has to say, and act. Act immediately on what it has to say.

Times when you feel stressed, or there is a decision you are having a hard time making, or anytime you are experiencing anything other than peace and freedom with in is a great time to specifically pay attention to your inner knowing and ask for guidance.

It is with this inner knowing that you will have 100% confidence in every choice you make. It may not make sense at the time, but you will be sure it is right. This inner knowing will help you know what to do with any new information that comes your way. This inner knowing is what will always tell you what is best for you and your family. This inner knowing will tell you what is right for you, always.

This inner knowing is the key to the kingdom within. Follow this inner knowing and it will never lead you astray. Follow this inner knowing and you will be peaceful and free at all times.

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