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Chapter 9 - Medicine is NOT Scientific

Modern medicine is NOT Scientific.

This is a pretty bold claim because most doctors and people take it as fact that medicine is very scientific.

Again, I am picking on the medical symptoms and disease care approach. Emergency medicine is great. They are actually scientific. I really want to make clear here again the difference between emergency type care, and symptoms and disease type care. Modern medicine and their disease and symptom treatment get a halo because Emergency care people save tons of lives. The two totally different, and completely separate sides of medicine, do things completely different.

To show you how medicine is the farthest thing from scientific, I have to first share with you, what scientific is. But don't worry. As I promised in the beginning, this will be fun, unlike most science classes you probably took, unless you had a good teacher.

I am showing you how medicine is non-scientific, because that is their biggest argument about how medicine works and how great it is, and natural health care doesn't work. How them supposedly being scientific is in part where they get this magical veil of protection they currently have.

In showing you this, I am also going to prove that natural health care is actually more scientific than medicine. Using medicine's own proof, I will prove that Natural Health Care actually works better and is more scientific than medicine.

How science works, which medicine claims to be a part of, is like this:

1. Science comes up with a hypothesis (fancy word for educated guess about how something works) based on current ways of thinking.

2. They attempt to prove or disprove the hypothesis. They do this by setting up tests, and creating new ways to best measure the test and if it worked or not

3. If the hypothesis is proved wrong once, science looks for a new hypotheses. They may use the current hypothesis, until they find a better one, but science knows it is not true and has flaws

That is essentially how science works.

Medicine, on the other hand, doesn't use that method. They do this:

1. Medicine comes up with a hypothesis based on old ways of thinking.

2. Then they accept the hypothesis as true, until the majority proves it wrong. And the majority can be hundreds, if not thousands of times versus the one time proof of science.

3. When things are finally proven wrong by majority, often 70 years or more later, they finally change their theory a bit so it is not so wrong.

4. They expect everyone else to prove a new hypothesis by using medicine's measurement tools that worked best for medicine previously.

Let's start with the First one.

Coming up with theories based on current ways of thinking Medicine comes up with theories based on old ways of thinking.

Modern medicine still views the human body as a machine. They still see the body as a bunch of separate, independent systems, that if you can find out enough information about the individual parts, then you can understand the whole. If they can just figure out how to fix the parts, then they will be able to help people heal.

This is called Newtonian physics, where the sum of the parts can be broken down, and studied to understand the whole. It works great with clocks and machines, but not so well with humans. Because humans are more than a machine with no internal intelligence.

Through the early 1900's, in science, Newtonian physics was slowly being replaced by quantum physics. And in 1927, it was pretty much complete. Quantum physics was the new understanding in the science of the future.

The basic principle of quantum physics is real easy; the whole is MORE than the sum of the parts. That 1+1 = more than 2. This is essentially what quantum physics says.

This is the idea of wholistic (yes, with a w), working with the person as a whole, and not just the parts, because the whole is more than the parts. On point number 1, natural health care is actually more scientific then medicine. Natural health care realizes there is an innate wisdom that runs and controls things. And that this inner wisdom knows more than all the doctors on the planet put together. The medical symptoms and disease care system still views the body as a machine that needs to be fixed. That is not capable of healing itself.

But did medicine did change their theories in 1927 to reflect this new understanding? Nope, in fact, they still have not really changed them today. They still look at the parts of the body, and try and figure out how to make the parts better, thinking they will then make the whole better. (Picture me shaking my head like a parent whose kid still has not learned from the same mistake, they have been making over and over and over and over again).

When they come up with new ideas and theories of ways to help people, it is almost always based on Newtonian physics, physics that was proven wrong over 70 years ago. And anything that was based on Newtonian physics is also wrong, according to science.

For over 70 years, the AMA, has been holding onto the theory that the body is a machine, and refusing to change their theory. And yet, most people know that the body is more than a machine. It has more to it then just the parts that make it up. Maybe soon, this will be embraced, because the evidence is starting to get overwhelming. Even for the AMA.

Accepting the hypothesis as true until the majority proves it wrong.

Medicine holds on to its theories tooth and nail. It fights for them until the very last minute. Why, I am not really sure, but it doesn't matter why, they just do. See the above paragraph that shows, how they refuse to change, not even the first time it was proven wrong, but 70 years after it was proven wrong. They still refuse to accept the new reality.

Even when there are hundreds of cases in which their theory has been proven wrong, they still say things like, yeah, but those are the exceptions, those are just flukes, those are not true, that cannot happen.

The medical symptoms and disease care system has been doing the same thing for over 30 years to treat cancer, and still, nothing is different. There are many treatments that have a better cure rate than chemo, radiation and/or surgery, but yet, the medical system holds on. This is another great example of how they refuse to change. How they want to hold onto their ideas and theories. How they want to hold on, until the evidence becomes so overwhelming, that they have to change. This is beginning to happen. People are finally waking up to the fact there are much better ways than radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy, to help people with cancer health, than the same thing that hasn't worked. More about cancer later.

Let me give you a couple more examples; vitamins, cholesterol, spinal cord injuries, removing tonsils, and appendixes. For years, Medicine emphatically stated that vitamins were a waste of money, you were just getting expensive urine. Vitamins did nothing. The studies grew. The evidence mounted. They held on to their theory vitamins are useless. The evidence kept coming in, kept coming in, and despite the overwhelming evidence that vitamins actually did make a difference, they still denied that vitamins were of any benefit. Then, in recent years, they finally had no choice because if they still tried to stand behind there position that vitamins were of no use, everyone would have seen them for the idiots they were, because vitamins are beneficial for peoples? health and well being.

Spinal cord injuries: For years the medical profession said nerves do not regenerate. It was impossible. Once you had nerve damage that was it. But yet there are all these cases of people healing from spinal cord injuries. And for the longest time, science said, that is impossible, that cannot happen. And as the cases came in, they looked the other way, pretended they did not exist, instead of looking at how people were doing it, so they could maybe help others, they fought for their theory, that nerves cannot and do not regenerate.

Tonsils: Doctors used to do "two for one sale" on removing tonsils. If one kid was going to have his/her tonsils out, then bring in your other kid and we will do them for free, to help prevent future problems. Now they don't do that, because they realized, after years of mounting evidence, that tonsils help keep people from getting upper respiratory infections, or infections of the lungs. They also realized that when people had their tonsils out, they were more likely to get infections in their lungs, the place the infection went, now that the tonsils where gone. They realized that the tonsils were like gatekeepers. They kept the bacteria from going into the lungs. The tonsils kept the bacteria in the tonsils. Rather than looking at why the body was not able to take care of the bacteria, they just removed the tonsils. Because that was what they thought was the one cause, and one cure. For me, I would much rather have a sore throat than a lung infection any day.

The same with the appendix. The doctors decided to take out people's appendix left and right, if it even seemed the appendix might only be inflamed. They knew the appendix didn't really do anything anyway. Then, as the evidence started pouring in, they finally gave up their theory that the appendix does nothing. They found the appendix actually helps fight bacteria. They found that when you take out the appendix, people were more likely to get colon cancer.

For years, the medical profession said that eating cholesterol made your cholesterol levels high. And finally, under overwhelming evidence, they are slowly changing their theory. They are recognizing it is not the eating of cholesterol that makes your levels high, but the eating of sugar and refined products that makes your cholesterol high. They are realizing that when people quit eating carbs and refined products like sugar and flour, their cholesterol levels went down, within weeks, almost every time. Even though their idea was just a theory, and all the evidence that has ever been done proved the exact opposite, they still held on.

I could go on and on, but I think you are getting the picture. They want to hold on to their theories and be right, rather then throw out the old theory, and get a new one like science does. Or at least use it, until a better new one comes along, while knowing, the old theory was not true. If they did this it would actually allow the medical symptoms and disease care system to be open to new ideas, like science. But they don't, they hold on to their theories until they have to change them.

Finally change only after 70 years and overwhelming evidence.

Science changes right away when something is proven wrong only once. If it is proven wrong once, it is wrong. Period. Science knows this, but yet medicine, does not seem to grasp that idea. For over 70 years, the medical field has been holding on to their Newtonian based medicine. And since Newtonian physics was proven wrong, anything that is based on it is also wrong. Medicine is not a science. It is ideas based on theories that are wrong. If the ideas they are based on are wrong, how can medicine be right?

Let me say this another way. Let's say you have a theory that gravity pushes rocks away from the earth. You get a bunch of rocks, attach them all over to a box, and if you are in the box, you will float up in the air. Now, since the first theory, "gravity pushes rocks up" is wrong, your following idea, that a box with rocks all over it will be pushed away by gravity, is also wrong.

Science knows this, yet medicine refuses to accept this fact. They continue to base their ideas on theories that were proven wrong over 70 years ago.

Proving with the same measuring tool.

This one is my favorite. I'll tell you a story.

There is a guy who we will call Jack. Jack invents a machine that can change how comfortable it is to be in a room in your house. It is called a heater. This heater makes the room more comfortable to be in, especially during winter. Now Jack wants to measure how well his machine works, because there are other people claiming their machine works better. So Jack must invent a tool to measure how well his machine works. He invents a Thermometer. He measures the room before he puts his heater in the room, and then after, and the thermometer proves that his machine made the room more comfortable. And the thermometer can also show how much better his heater is at increasing the temperature of the room. Thus proving how well it works against all other heaters. His measuring device is great at doing this.

Then there is Jane. She also invents something that makes the room more comfortable to sit in. It is called a Big Reclining Chair. Jack invented his machine to make the room more comfortable to be in as well. So Jack doesn't like this competition, so he sets out to prove that Jane's device doesn't work. He uses his measuring tool, because it worked in the past. He measures the room before the Big Reclining Chair is in the room. Jack then puts the Big Reclining Chair in the room, puts his thermometer on the chair, and nothing. His thermometer does nothing. So he goes around saying, see look, with my measuring tool I proved your machine does not make the room more comfortable.

Now this is a funny little story, because if you have not guessed, it is exactly what the medical profession did. They invented something they said was health care, but actually it is symptoms and disease care. And they used medicine to treat symptoms and disease. They invented a study to test how well these medicines worked. It was called a double blind study. They then expect, and think, that no matter how, or in what way, people help improve peoples? health, you must use "their" measuring tool, to see how well "your" new thing works.

There are more ways to make a room comfortable than by changing the temperature. There are also more ways to heal people who have symptoms than by treating them with medications. If you have a different theory, you need a different measuring tool. You need an appropriate measuring tool to test your new way of doing things, or different way of doing things. Science knows this, but yet medicine is saying their way, the double blind study, is the only way to measure if a room is more comfortable, the only way to measure if the person is healthier or not.

Wholistic care uses different ways, based on quantum physics, to help people heal, not Newtonian physics like medicine uses. If you are testing new theories, you need new ways of measuring them. The old ways of measuring do not work any more. Imagine trying to test modern breakthroughs in Science with equipment from the 1800's. That is what medicine is asking people to do, use this machine from 1890, to see if what you have today works.

Just like the comfort level of a room is more than heat, health care is more than treating symptoms and disease with medication and surgery. Medicine is not health care. They are symptoms and disease care. And if you do anything other than symptoms and disease care with medicine, you need a different way to measure what you do.

Yet, medicine thinks everyone should use their measuring tool, because it worked best for them.

To review - Medicine bases theories on 70 year old ideas that are wrong. They keep the theory till it is proven wrong by majority, and they expect to use the same measuring tool for everything, because it worked well in one situation.

Natural health care comes up with a theory, based on modern, proven theories. They throw the theory out if it doesn't work. Or at least use it full well knowing it is not true, until something better comes along. They use the most accurate measuring tool to see how well what they came up with works.

That sure seems a lot more scientific then medicine. What medicine is really saying, when they scream and shout scientific is, did you do exactly what we did? Did you do things like us? Well, I do NOT want to do things like they are doing. Look at the results they are getting. Look at the level of health in America. I do not want to do the same things as they do, because look what it has gotten us. My favorite definition of insanity is, doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. Treating people, over and over again, with the same old theories and ways of doing things, and expecting a different result. Expecting people to finally get healthy. It just isn't working.

One more thing that is really interesting to me. Medicine, when they are approached with anything that is not accepted by what medicine is all about. Where is your proof? Where is your study? Is it scientific?

Well Medicine, let me ask you the same question. Please, show me the double blind studies for surgery, all surgeries you do that are not trauma related. Show me the studies that prove the effectiveness of them. Please do. This is a challenge. I am asking, the so called scientific medicine, where are all their studies on surgery? Where are all their studies, like the ones they want everyone else to have. Where are their studies on the effectiveness of surgery? Please, send them to me.

I have actually seen a couple of double blind studies on surgery, and every one actually proved that NOT doing the surgery, was either MORE effective, or just as effective as actually doing the surgery. Yes, cutting people and putting the marks on the outside, like they did the actual surgery, was just as effective as actually doing the surgery.

This is what I was talking about earlier how they often do not even have to do the same studies they require of everyone else. They automatically get the reasonable and customary, without even doing the same studies they want everyone else to do. It is time to make natural health care the reasonable and customary, and make the medical symptoms and disease care system prove they are more effective and safer than natural methods. I mean after all, natural health care has just as many studies as they do.

Actually, natural health care has more studies that prove how effective it is. They are case studies. The best measurement tool for how natural health care adds health back into the body is case studies. And natural health care has tons and tons of case studies. That is also why natural health care is actually more validated than many things the medical symptoms and disease care system uses. It is just not validated with the faulty measuring tool of a 100 million dollar double blind study.

What is interesting to me is that every time I pose this challenge to a traditional medical doctor, I always here something like, well, you cannot use double blind studies for surgery. Or, you can just look at the person and know the surgery worked. Or, you just ask the person how they are doing after surgery to know if the surgery worked. Or, if they didn?t die, the surgery worked.

There are some studies, case studies, of how surgery works. And these seem to be good enough for surgery, but no other techniques or ways of healing.

And I always wonder, for some things like surgery, why is it ok not to use a double blind study, but everyone else in the world must prove what they have with a double blind study??? Does this make sense to you?

With different ways of doing things, and doing different things, you need different ways of measuring the results. Science gets this, and maybe, one day, medicine will as well.

I'll tell you another story. It is about my Dad. My dad had a watch given to him for a present after retiring from his job. And this watch, this watch was the best. It kept perfect time. Day in and day out, year after year, this watch kept perfect time. Decades past, and the watch still kept perfect time. Then, the watch began to slow down. It did not keep perfect time anymore.

So my dad asked around, talked to all his friends, and found the best watch repairer in the state. The person who everyone said was the very best.

My dad brought his watch to the watch repairer, and the watch repairer took a look at his watch. He listened to it, felt it, ran all the tests he knew how to run on the watch, and came up with the solution.

The watch repairer told my dad, he had figured out the problem. The problem with his watch was that there was an extra piece the manufacturer of the watch had put into the watch. This piece was an extra piece, and not really that necessary. If the watch repairer took this piece out, the watch would work like new again.

If you are like my dad, you are probably thinking right now, that is stupid. The watch worked just fine, and now, when you take out an "extra piece" the watch is going to work again? Like new? Crazy. And that is what my Dad thought, so he took his watch somewhere else. He took it to another watch repairer. This one specializing in watches that lose time.

My dad thought it was quite interesting, and didn't even know there was a watch specialist who specialized in watches that lose time. It seemed kind of interesting, because how many things could cause the watch to lose time, my dad wondered. It could be many things, but the watch repairer was the specialist, so my dad took the watch in to the specialist.

And after a while, this watch repairer said the same thing. There was an extra piece in the watch, and once it was removed, the watch would run like new again. And that he would have to set it every once in a while, but that is it. Hmm, my dad thought. Two people told him the same thing, so, that must be the problem, even though it made absolutely no sense what so ever. So, he agreed to let the specialist take out the extra piece. v When my dad got his watch back, it still didn't work right. In fact, it worked even worse. Yes, the seconds that the watch used to lose each day were not gone, but it didn't tell time at all anymore. And when my dad asked the watch repair person about this, the watch repair person said, oh yeah, after we take out that extra piece, you have to set your watch to the correct time, every time you want to know what time it is, so you can know what time it is?

My dad said, what? You are telling me that I have to look at a clock, set my watch to that other clock that works, and then look at my watch to tell what time it is? Is that what you meant by set the watch every once in a while? And the watch repairer said yes. But look how much easier it is to set the time now, with that piece gone.

This story really isn't about my dad. I made it up. I made it up because you are probably saying, that is so stupid. He should have known the problem was not an extra piece that needed to be taken out. It worked just fine for years, and then suddenly, the "extra piece" that was causing the problems, and taking it out will fix the problem? How ridiculous. I agree, exactly. Ridiculous.

You have a body that worked fine for years, decades. And then one day, you start noticing it is not working like it used to. You go to the doctor, and the doctor says you have an extra part, and you need surgery to remove the extra part. And not to worry, the part isn't necessary. It was put in by the "manufacturer" and is really just an extra part. You go to specialist, because you want a second opinion, and the specialist says the same thing. You have an extra part, and you need surgery to remove the extra part. So you agree, and you let the doctor take out the extra part. And after when the doctor is done with the surgery and taking out the part, there are all these other problems that now show up, that they probably didn't tell you about, or didn't fully explain.

People who had their tonsils taken out because those were just extra pieces, now have a greater risk of getting upper respiratory disease, a more severe problem than sore throats. People who had their appendix taken out, have a greater chance of getting colon cancer. Just because we didn't know how important these parts where, when doctors routinely took them out, doesn't mean they are not important.

Many doctors see the body as a machine. Like your car is. Now, to you and me, it is obvious, the body is a lot more than just a machine like your car. This is important, because if your car breaks down, it is not going to fix itself, it is not going to get better without someone fixing it. This is how most doctors see the body. If it is broken, the only way to fix the body, is to do something. That the body cannot heal itself. This is part of the Newtonian physics that was proven wrong in the 1920's, and medicine still uses it as if it were true.

Imagine for a moment, that every night while you slept, a mechanic came into your garage, and replaced any part that was wearing down and not working correctly. Every time the fabric of the seats got a little worn, the mechanic would replace the seats. When the gauges got dirty, they would be replaced. When the engine started to wear, and lose some power, the mechanic would replace the engine. Anytime the tires became worn, the mechanic would change the tires. The brakes become worn, and the mechanic would replace the breaks. He did all this in your garage while you slept. This mechanic knows every hose, every wire, every computerized part, everything about your car.

Do you think you would ever have to worry about your car breaking down? No, of course not because when it first started to break down, the mechanic would replace it.

This is kind of how you can think of the human body. And the mechanic is the Inner Wisdom. The Inner Wisdom that knows EVERYTHING there is to know about you, your body, and your mind. Everything. And every night, your inner wisdom goes to work on healing you and making you better. This inner wisdom is what quantum physics shows us as the sum of the parts equal to more than the whole.

All you have to do is make sure the mechanic has everything he needs. He will tell you what he needs, and you just have to make sure to do it. This is like your inner knowing. It tells you what it needs to make you well all the time. But if you don't listen, if you don't give your body the parts it needs to replace the broken down parts, your inner wisdom cannot fix you. If the mechanic doesn't have an extra set of brake pads, he cannot replace the old worn out ones.

Science understands that just because they don't know how to do something, doesn't mean it is impossible. They know that current ways of thinking are always changing. Always being improved upon. They know that their lack of knowledge does not make something so. The medical profession seems to think that if they don't know how to help you, it is impossible. That if they don't know how to do it, it cannot be done. They do not stay open to the constant changes and improvements being made in health care. They hold on to their old ways, and refuse to change until it is so overwhelming, they have no choice.

Medical symptoms and disease care is the least scientific group around. They base their theory on physics principles which were proven wrong 70 years ago. The medical symptoms and disease care system thinks everyone else should measure what they do, with the medical symptoms and disease care measures. No matter how inappropriate it is. The medical symptoms and disease care system doesn't have to do double blind studies on surgery and other things. But everyone else has to do double blind studied on everything they do. The medical symptoms and disease care system holds on, fighting for their theories tooth and nail, until the evidence becomes so overwhelming, they are forced to change. Medicine is not scientific at all.

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